Joseph ‘CURTJAY’ Tsiri A DJ Masterclass

Meet Joseph aka CURTJAY Tsiri a young vibrant up and coming DJ who has just under 20 years’ experience in the game and credits his early influences to his older brother (Tshepo Goodwill) and the ever so famous Black Coffee

Joseph is one of the hottest underground DJ’s currently making waves and enticing local crowds across the province. He believes DJ’ing is a combination of different elements that’s come together to create a beautiful sound, and is always looking to evolve his sound and craft

He focuses on his gift and not the politics and unnecessary drama of the industry, And in his own words would like to say “I want to inspire those not having access to funds and equipment that no matter what situation you’re going through, NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR CALLING, as there’s always someone watching you who will believe in you and willing to give a helping hand.

My message is that no matter how difficult life may be or negative people can be never stop  believing in your dreams, never worry about that, put God first and you need to be the first fan to believe in yourself, you need to show yourself first why you love doing what you believe in, and never give up on your passion, always keep it constant, because it makes you happy, it brings you joy and makes you forget of your daily challenges,

The little people you may have that believe in you, those are the people you need to keep closer as your strength comes from them, challenges are a test to see how much you believe in your gift, as challenges are just temporary (nothing lasts forever)…..”

You can get in-touch with him and follow all his music on the following platforms , ,

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