Siya Kolisi buys essentials for families that once fed him during his struggling days

Siya Kolisi has inspired many young people with his heartbreaking story of growing up poor and sometimes going to bed on an empty stomach.

Life was not easy for the rugby superstar as he had to turn to the community of Zwide, in the Eastern Cape, to help them get through those hungry nights.

The Springbok captain talked about going to various houses and having to beg for food as a means for survival for him and his family. He has decided to return the good favour by assisting these families with essentials during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The lockdown has caused major affliction to various families around the country and as a way of giving back to the needy, celebs have been going out of their way to assist where possible.

Taking this opportunity to share his story and appreciate the women, he shared the story in the caption.

“As a young boy some days we didn’t have food at home. And I would go from house to house with a empty cup asking for maize meal, beans anything that would feed my family and I for the night.

“Yesterday, I was reminded of these stories from the same ladies that would fill my cup all those years ago, while delivering food that will fill their families for a month,” he wrote.

He then proceeded to thanking the families for feeding him and his family and for teaching him ubuntu. He also added a few clan praises.

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