Sjava’s allegedly being cut from Uzalo following Lady Zamar claims

Sjava’s life is slowly but surely crashing around him since Lady Zamar made some heavy allegations about him

The claims made by Lady Zamar have left Sjava in a tough situation where hardly anyone wants to be associated with him. Having allegations of this nature made about you can cripple your career as well as your everyday life. With the femicide and abuse against women being so rife in SA, being accused of it is like someone putting a target on your head.

It is understood that Sjava has allegedly been let go by Uzalo as they cannot associate themselves with him following the claims made by Lady Zamar. Sjava has lost gigs, endorsements and now his role on Uzalo. While he has not been found guilty as such, the claims have been made and are ruining his life. After having only joined the Uzalo family recently, Sjava’s experience has been short-lived. Despite the allegations, fans were excited to have him on the show. Entertainment blogger Phil Mphela’s sources told him that Uzalo will be letting Sjava go.

Uzalo has not confirmed nor denied what Phil’s sources have said, but we can only imagine that they are true with everything that is currently going on in SA. Brands unfortunately just cannot take the risk.

Main Image: Yomzansi