Skhumbas joking days numbered at Kaya FM as the public signs a petition to have him sacked!

It seems like Skhumba Hlophe, who is best known for his hilarious and ludicrous jokes on Kaya FM – has bitten more than he can chew.

Earlier this week, a video footage of female #FeesMustFall protesters who took off their tops and bras during the protests in an attempt to quell #FeesMustFall violence went viral.

Making fun at current affairs as usual, Skhumba dropped a bad one on the women by saying that their "boobs were sagging"

. "These females are showing hanging boobs that look like wet all-stars without shoe laces. Others have big tummies with silver stripes. With boobs hanging all the way to the belly. Please put your clothes on," he added.

Instead of making people laugh, these remarks landed him in hot waters to an extent that a petition was launched to have him axed. So far, the petition had received over 3,000 signatures.

"By taking him off air until he publicly apologises, Kaya FM will be sending a firm signal to us all that the station does not endorse such views," reads the petition.

Social media users have also taken to Twitter streets to protest against the comedian.

IG:phindile_maphanga @P_ndy

‘’Men like #Skhumba must be silenced on a permanent basis.We are tired of such views being expresd n justified by an apology #skhumbamustfall.’’

Lizwi Njani @NjaniLizwi

‘’I feel so proud of myself. I signed petition to take off air Skhumba. We need to do away with this thing of dissing women #Skhumbamustfall.’’

Molefe Thwala @MolefeThwala

‘’I will not degrade our women in the name of fun It's time we did something about this -please sign: … via @AmandlaMobi.’’

Meanwhile, Kaya FM have responded to calls for the station to fire Skhumba Hlophe after comments he made about topless protesters at Wits earlier this week, saying that it was discussing matters with the comedian.

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