Sleeping with my boss’s husband was the biggest mistake I ever made, here me out!

Hello Uncle T / Advice Joint, I am a 32-year-old Black woman living in Cape Town with my two twin- daughters. I work as a meat packer at a local supermarket and I had an affair with my boss’s husband, but little did I know that was the biggest mistake of my life.

Earlier this year, my boss’s husband and I had an intimate affair after working hours. At first we thought we were being discreet, but unfortunately, one of my co-workers found out and snitched to my boss, now working for her has been nothing but a living hell. I was demoted as store supervisor, sent to the butchery, cut my salary, and now, she is accusing me of stealing meat from the store and has suspended me till further notice. I didn’t do all of this, but I know she is trying to find a clean way of firing me. Should I quit my job or what, because I seriously cannot take this anymore?! Please advise!

Hello there,

I am not sure if this has been put to test, however, I think the only solution for this mess is to sit down as both matured women and talk this out. I know it might sound frightening and chances are, you are already thinking about her throwing boiling on you. However, sometimes we need to take risks in life if we need progress.

I mean come on sister, the kind of working relationship you both have is unhealthy, and it won’t have a colourful ending. If this carries on for long, only the worst shall follow for either one of you, which is something that you (and probably her) do not want. As the one who is in the wrong, I suggest you woman-up and apologize to your boss for having an affair with her husband.

Keep in mind that no matter how many times you say ‘’sorry’’, it won’t have an impact unless you show remorse and/or sincerity. Humble yourself before her and the husband (if possible) and seek forgiveness for the sake of peace and the bread that you put on the table for your daughters.

Advice of the day: ‘’Asking for forgiveness has never killed anyone, but pride and ego has. It’s a pity the many who would support this statement are no more.’’

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