Social media is not satisfied as #ShimzaMustFall gains momentum

Social media is having a field day with DJ Shimza after he insulted an up and coming DJ by the name of Ceega Wa Meropa.

Shimza said the DJ has been harassing him on his timeline and he was fed up. Tweeps were not impressed with his tweet and said he was rude.

After snubbing Ceega, Black Coffee came to the DJ’s rescue. Coffee tagged his company, to add him to the lineup of his show, Africa Is Not A Jungle. But that’s not all, Ceega got offered a job by Gagasi FM!

Shimza was then labelled rude for looking down on an upcoming DJ. Reminding him that he was once in his shoes, hustling and trying to make it work.

After being called out by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, Shimza issued out an apology and acknowledged his mistake.

He then explained that the show was pre-recorded and there was no way of making any changes or additions.

“The platform is for artists, but because of the lockdown limitations it had to be prerecorded. there was no way of making any changes once the show was packaged.”

Shimza tried to justify his actions by saying he gets the same messages from Ceega which then makes him frustrated.

They are looking to work with more artists especially the new ones and encouraged Ceega to continue hustling. He also issued out an apology.

“I apologize for snapping at you, especially because I am a hustler myself, I should have been more understanding. It was in no way a personal attack or anything of the sort,” he said in his apology.

Although his apology seems sincere, #ShimzaMustFall continues to gain momentum as tweeps are asking for a proper apology.

Main Image: idmmag