Somizi pays for Palesa’s surgery to the face

Somizi pays for Palesa’s surgery to the face The television presenter and her 8-year-old daughter were involved in a horrific accident , which could have turned deadly without help from a few strangers.
Palesa uploaded a series of videos and images on her Instagram sharing intricate details about the accident which left her with a big scar across her forehead and has resulted in some traumatic after-effects on her young daughter.
Palesa shared; “I think she is very traumatized, she gets scared, she sits alone, and she watches TV and when there is any bang or sound she jumps,” she shared.
View the series of Instagram videos she uploaded:

Somizi makes Palesa’s day.

Although the accident was truly disturbing Palesa’s friend and co-parent, Somizi, they have a daughter together, responded to the news of her daughter’s mothers accident by sending her a bouquet of 50 white roses and taking her to see a plastic surgeon to repair the scar and correct the stitches she had been given following her accident at the hospital.
The presenter thanked Somizi for ensuring that she stays beautiful:
“@somizi thank you for making sure I stay beautiful. Dragging me to see @drkanaris,” she posted.
Even though their relationship ended years ago, Somizi and Pales are still close and they continue to share a really close bond, a true testament on how one can have a healthy relationship with their baby mama through respect and thoughtfulness.
Palesa posted another series of images and videos documenting the whole procedure and thanked everyone who had helped her so far.
“Thank you Dr.Mia for the reconstructive surgery. I’m very happy with the results and healing. I wanna thank the Letsiki family for all the love and support. Thanks to Jake’s for being the first on the scene at the accident. Thank you very much for all the people who stopped their cars to assist us in the scene, you are my angels and you have taught me humanity once more.”

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