Somizi: Your hate wont make me straight!

It seems like TV personality, Somizi Mhlongo is not one to easily back down from the fight against homophobic attacks.

On Friday 2 December 2016, tragedy struck for Noluvo Swelindawo, who got kidnapped, assaulted and then shot to death for being a lesbian. This horrific incident caused quite a stir on social media when LGBTI members voiced out their disappointments on the situation.

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Being a celebrity member of the LGBTI community, Somizi Mhlongo took to social media to spread an eye-opening message to his large fan base and to the homophobes out there.

“She didn’t choose to be lesbian. Homophobes, get it into your skull. Being gay is just like being black or white; you don’t choose to be gay,” he said.

He went on to lambaste the justice system in South Africa.

“The justice system you are failing us, you are the reason they think they can get away with murder.”

Addressing homophobic individuals Somizi said, “Your hate wont make me straight.”

We at Entertainment_SA stand in solidarity with the LGBTI community against any form of sexual hate and harassment, such behaviour cannot be tolerated.

Picture credit: IOL

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