Sophie lands in ER due to high sugar levels!

Veteran actress Sophie Ndaba is grateful to be alive, this after a recent visit to the hospital due to high sugar levels.

The star has been open about her struggles with diabetes, which has led to weight loss and many unfounded death rumours on social media.

She shared on social media how she landed in the hospital due to high sugar levels, sending her straight to the ER.

Even though she has been extra cautious ever since the start of the pandemic, she fears being at high risk of COVID-19 due to her illness.

Sophie Ndaba on new show, living with diabetes and internet trolls ...
Sophie lands in ER due to high sugar levels!

She has been very candid about her struggles with diabetes which includes her massive weightloss.

The actress shared a bible verse to emphasise how she is filled with gratitude for having survived this pandemic whilst other’s are shattered over the loss of their loved ones.

“Today I’m reminded that God is king of my life my heart. So grateful for the constant restoration…We woke up today n have survived #covid19 some families have lost their loved ones.. I’m living with diabetes most vulnerable to this pandemic. I’m still here. So grateful.

“I have seen emergency room once in this delicate time and was just high sugar levels,” she wrote.

Main Image: All4Women