Summer fashion trends to consider

Summer is just around the corner, are you ready for the fashion trend?

Often this time of the year trends start mushrooming from everywhere. Unfortunately, you can’t follow all trends, but you can most definitely pick a few that are classic and safe. Let’s have a look at what our summer is going to look like.


  1. Linen

You want to stay cool in summer so a few linen pieces are a must have. Though this fabric has always been an obvious choice for combating sweltering temps, retailers this season have been quick to offer even more variations of linen or linen mix clothing. Prepare to find linen versions of your favourite garments, from lightweight bottoms to one-and-done dresses.

  1. Baby Doll Dresses

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Mini dresses in summer are a yes but this summer, we not just wearing any summer dress but a minidresses in the form of baby doll styles to the designs made popular by Cecilie Bahnsen , we presume this dress will rule the streets. Expect to find the style in pastel summer hues and with variations in volume. These playful minidresses will keep the vibe of your ensembles light and breezy.

  1. Neon Colors 

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Not everyone is Bold to pull off bright colours , but this summer neon colours will have a strong presence, moving from the runways of Marni and Jacquemus to the streets. This is the time to wear your brightest brights and choose poppy colors that reflect the clear change in weather….Advise here?  Don’t be afraid to stand out.

  1. Bucket Hats 

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You thought this trend was long gone and over?…..Nope the bucket hat trend isn’t over yet, which is great because I am sure you have your eyes on a few trendy ones to add to your collection. Whether you like them branded or just a plain jane, bucket hat offerings reflect the diverse trends in ready to wear, from neon colors to PVC designs. Top off any outfit this summer with a bucket hat for that casual-cool fashion girl look.

  1. Bralettes 

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Very daring trend, but bralettes under blazers were one of the biggest trends to hit the spring/summer 2020 runways, and street style stars eagerly adopted this casual-sexy look. Retailers are already offering a ton of cute bralette options for the season, whether you decide to wear one over a t-shirt or under a cardigan, so rest assured you’ll find one you love.

Get ready to have a fashion forward summer this year and explore some of the trends it will come with. Top Tip: Go with classic trends, you know they will return and it won’t feel like such a pain in your pocket.

Main Image: marieclaire