Thando Thabethe claps back after bleaching claims

Yep, remember that time when the TV & radio personality brought receipts to show her light skin complexion was unnatural?

Back in 2015, the star shared a baby pic which ‘proved’ her fairness was not fake!

But the rumor has returned and Thando has no time for it!

Sporting a hot blonde look, Thando has had many of us doing a double take.

But tweeps think there is more to the new look, with one some fans even out-right accusing her of lightening her skin too!

One tweep, in particular, scolded the star on ‘the bad example she was setting for the rest of her fans’.

An annoyed Thando clearly wasn’t in the mood and clapped back at a series of tweets:

Thando also issued a strongly-worded message to her followers on the subject:

There you have it, folks, let’s put this rumour to bed!

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