Thandy Matlaila still dreams of playing Lebo Mathosa

Actress Thandy Matlaila opened up to her followers about the influence Lebo’s life and times had on her as an artist and as a person. She has it on her vision board to one day play the role of the iconic Boom Shaka singer.

Even though the Thandy Matlaila might have missed the opportunity to play the late iconic singer Lebo Mathosa in the most recent series about her life but she’s nowhere near giving up and she’s made it clear in her social media posts.

Thandy said in her post “I had/have so much respect for this woman and the impact she had on my career path; so petite yet so dynamic. She was #Free and comfortable in her own skin and body. She was unapologetic about who she was,”

She revealed that she had auditioned for the role in the #BETLeboMathosaStory. She added that while she didn’t bag the role (Bahumi Madisakwane and KB Motsilanyane got the roles instead) she was forever grateful for that journey and the friendships she made.

Finally, Lebo Mathosa's story is coming to our screens

“I loved every moment of that journey & I made wonderful memories and friends @ms_dippy. I remember how we’d yell at each other because we’re nervous about getting the routine right and she said ‘f*** it, just get in there and do your thing, no one really knows what it’s supposed to look like anyway’.”

Main Image: TimesLive