“The Bible is the epitome of patriarchy”: Boity causes a stir on Twitter

Female rapper Boity has caused Christians to breathe through the wound on Twitter after her biblical remarks about the bible and Christianity.

The local media personality was answering a question that was asked on Twitter by a follower, “what ruined religion for you?”. Her response did not sit well with everyone after she said: “Lack of female voices and representation especially in the Bible. Also, the journey didn’t fill up the void in my soul the way I was brought up to believe it would.”

Not long after that, Miss Own Your Throne added saying that the Bible is the “epitome of patriarchy”.

This caused a stir and a serious debate on the platform as many religious tweeps disagreed with her statement and voiced their opinions in her mentions, while some agreed with her statement.

As the debate about Christianity and patriarchy continued in her post, Boity also said: “You telling me that book was a record of years of people’s Holy encounters and they barely got 10 nyana WOMEN to talk about their moments with Jesus? Gurl, bye.”

Furthermore, the “Bakae“ rapper explained that she has gone on her journey with religion and that she found it didn’t speak to her due to the lack of representation with regards to race, gender and that she was left with more questions and didn’t feel a connection.

“Look man, I’ve gone through the religious journey. Went to church. I read the book. Found little to no form of representation in there. Not race, barely gender, not a name, not much. I was left with more questions than connection. And then I found my way👏. Each to their own.” Many users agreed with her that religion is a personal journey.

Main Image: ZAlebs