The cyberspace goes crazy after OffSet tweets about missing Cardi B

 Just days after Cardi B left fans shooketh with news that she and OffSet had called it quits, the rapper has caused a stir after he tweeted about missing Cardi B.

The internet was wildin’ out on Cardi B’s behalf after they saw the tweet from Offset. Especially since it was revealed that Cardi had left OffSet because she refused to forgive him for his latest cheating escapade.

The internet was in disbelief over Offset’s bravery to tell the whole world that he missed the woman he cheated on just four months after she gave birth to their daughter, Kulture.

They reacted in memes. But this clapback from Sizwe Dhlomo was one of the best we’ve seen!

Meanwhile Cardi B is ochea remixing songs fam!

Main credit image: Twitter

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