The Fashion Hatchery launches entrepreneurship programme for women in fashion

The South African fashion industry is booming and it gets better it is no doubt that it gets better every year. South Africa’s well known virtual business incubator, The Startup Hatchery, is launching a new division, The Fashion Hatchery.

This initiative, the Women Supporting Women Fashion Mentorship, will be launched in September and will be the first project run by The Fashion Hatchery. It’s an amazing platform aimed at sharing skills and knowledge from some of Africa’s leading fashion and business experts with 10 aspiring fashion entrepreneurs. The aspiring fashion entrepreneurs will be signed up to a 30-day start-up online programme aimed at teaching them business skills.

As statement by The Fashion Hatchery read: “We have just launched a new fashion entrepreneurship programme called the Women Supporting Women Fashion Mentorship initiative. If you’re an aspiring or existing fashion entrepreneur looking to build a sustainable fashion brand then this programme is definitely for you. The Women Supporting Women Fashion Mentorship initiative provides a unique mentorship platform led by The Fashion Hatchery and a number of experienced female fashion and business mentors.”

Entry requirements:

* Open to young female fashion entrepreneurs, aged from 18 to 35, wanting to start or develop a business in the fashion industry.

* Applicants must have a fashion business idea or existing fashion business that has been operational for less than 12 months.

* They must submit the online application at which will then be reviewed.

* Successful applicants will be notified in writing and required to participate in a 30-day Start-up Virtual Incubation Programme as well as attend 5 one-hour virtual mentorship sessions with their allocated mentor.

Main Image: 365 News