The highest-paid Instagram celebrity: Dwayne The Rock’ Johnson

Kylie Jenner has to take a seat and let the elders show her how money is made. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has bagged the title of Instagram’s highest-paid celebrity.

As stated by a social media marketing firm Hopper HQ, the actor can charge advertisers approximately US$1 million for each sponsored post. The former wrestling professional has a huge following of 189 million, which beats Kylie Jenner’s 184 million followers.

Fox News said Hopper HQ began to compile yearly lists of the highest-earning stars in 2017, after asking celebrities and influencers how much they were being paid. Then they checked with advertisers how much could be charged for certain celebrities to endorse products via social media posts. How cool is that?

The media personality, socialite and model ow earns an estimated $986,000 per sponsored post.

The Rock’s wealth cannot be a surprise, as the 48-year-old was named one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors in 2019 by business magazine Forbes.