The internet thinks it’s found Rasta’s son after drawing of Black Coffee goes viral

An aspiring artist has unfortunately found himself the butt of social media jokes after his drawing of superstar DJ Black Coffee went viral, even catching the attention of the Drive hitmaker.

Black Coffee’s mentions are busier than Noord taxi rank on a Friday afternoon, with artists often tagging the star in posts showing off their skills.

While the DJ will occasionally respond, one particular drawing caught his and the internet’s attention.

The artist has buckets of talent but his sketch of Black Coffee was just a tad off.

As the post continued to be retweeted, it gained traction and soon was all over the timelines.

Black Coffee first retweeted posts about the drawing and then later responded to a tweep suggesting they retweet the pic until Black Coffee sees it.

He joked that he didn’t know who the person in the drawing was and joined the calls to retweet until he “shows up”.

Elsewhere on Twitter, users joked that they had found Rasta’s son and said the drawing looked more cafe latte than Black Coffee.

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