The Malingas are expecting twins!

Congratulations are in order for Dr Malinga and his wife as the couple is expecting twins!

The couple is set to expand their family to a total of 5 kids, as they welcomed their last born, which is their third child, in 2018.

The lively entertainer is going to be a father soon and judging by his Instagram video where he shared the good news, he is ecstatic.

He also revealed the gender of their unborn babies, revealing that they are expecting twin boys. Malinga shared an ultrasound video where their doctor can be heard showing them the various body parts of their fetuses, and at the end he can be heard saying “two boys”.

Known for his humour, he went on to sharing the news of their pregnancy with a bit of sarcasm. He captioned the post “Twin gang, thanks Lord for blessing my sperm,”

Main Image: Afternoon