Thembi and Malcolm celebrate 1 Million likes on TikTok!

Thembi Ubisi and her employer Malcolm Wentzel have become South Africa’s sensations after videos showing their unique relationship went viral. Which is why it comes as no surprise to us that the pair have just hit a million likes on TikTok!

Malcolm announced the exciting news on Twitter in what seems to be a mini celebratory party with Thembi’s friend and Malcolm’s partner. As usual, Thembi had a trick up her sleeves!

Thembi has worked for Malcolm for almost 10 years – and their relationship is stronger than ever… especially since their videos have gone viral on the internet.

Thembi Ubisi & Malcolm Wentzel
Supplied/ Thembi Ubisi & Malcolm Wentzel

Watch some of their videos:
*Warning: Strong Language

“Wake up, I’m tired of you and your hangover,” Thembi to Malcolm.

“I love you & I love you, too” 

Thembi drives Malcolm from the liquor shop 

Main Image: Jacaranda FM