There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy marshmallow eggs, but these crazy delicious ways will blow your taste buds away

Marshmallows are a sweet soft candy, that we consider one of life’s little pleasures! That’s why we’ll share with you our ways to enjoy these Easter delicacies. From mixing up marshmallows with chocolate, caramel and sweet potatoes, scroll down and see these creative marshmallow tips.

Melt it

Easter comes just as cooler weather settles over South Africa, between the rainy gloomy weather and uncertainty we are still living with since the beginning of the pandemic we all need some soft and squishy comfort. 

Throwing a whole chocolate marshmallow into your hot chocolate is a whole new level of decadence.

Lifestyle content creator Natasha @Fitlikemummy took this melted goodness to the next level. She put her easter eggs in a hot cross bun and toasted!

This isn’t an everyday treat, not by a long shot but it is possibly the most Easter thing we’ve ever seen. 

Get two for the price of one

It doesn’t matter where you shop, marshmallow eggs have become so expensive that most families aren’t even considering buying a whole box this year. 

Enjoy every bite of your marshmallow eggs (whether they’re from a box or strip). Enjoy the treat twice by peeling and chocolate off the marshmallows and enjoying the two sweets separately. 

This messy and nostalgic method is best enjoyed alone and away from judgemental gazes. 

Bedazzled eggs

Enjoying your eggs for longer is the best way to the most out of them. Making it more than just a quick three-bite snack can also satisfy your kid’s cravings with less. 

Thando @modernzulumom bedazzled her daughters treats making it both a craft project and a snack. 


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