This is what Busiswa will venture into if music fails her

The music industry cannot really be trusted as a stable income. One minute you topping charts, the next – you are irrelevant. Artists like Busiswa know very well that it takes more than one stream of income to survive in that business.

Taking to social media to share what she’ll do once the music doesn’t doesn’t pay off, Her Majesty is seen mixing fruits and wine into cocktail like a professional.

If this music thing doesn’t work out, I’m making your custom cocktails from home. Nime ngembamba bo sweery . iDash iKhona ungaWorry!” she captioned video.

Lots of her followers thirst for the cocktail she made and some even requested for the recipe.

Well, with how far Busiswa have come in the South African music industry, we can say she’s achieved huge success.

From being recognized in SA, to bagging African awards and even gaining international recognition.

In 2020, the star worked with the American singer, Beyonce, which was a dream come true.

So, worry less, this music thing is working for her, though she could establish a cocktail making company in the future.

Check out video below:

Main Image: Daily Mail NG