Tinashe graces the cover of Gay Times autumn issue

We see what Gay Times did there… Putting Tinashe as the cover of their autum (fall season) knowing very well that we’ll definitely fall for her since she’s a walking flame.

On the issue, American singer and songwriter, Tinashe opens up about her sexuality as she stars on the cover of Gay Times.

In the autumn issue of the gloss photographed by Vijat M, the musician talks about being a bisexual woman of colour working in the music industry.

Speaking to Nick Levine, she said: “It’s not that I don’t like putting a label on it. But when you say you’re bisexual, a lot of people think… they just have a lack of understanding about what it is. And I tend to shy away from terms – I guess this is the theme of my life! – that makes people want to categorise me or put me in a box.

“I don’t like that sh*t. But – but – I can still give you a general sense of yeah, I’m bisexual. I’m somewhere on the spectrum You know?”

She also discussed some of the stereotypes around her sexuality.

“It’s not like all bisexual people like men and women equally – or like all bisexual people are a certain type of person,” she says. “Human beings are so versatile. I don’t understand why we’re so obsessed with categorising each other.

“I never wanted people to think that I used it for attention. There are so many f*cking stereotypes about being bisexual that made me want to shy away from talking about it. I’m much more open to having those discussions now.”

Tinashe split from her previous record label, RCA Records in February last year and released her fourth studio album, “Songs For You” which was received well by her supporters.

She continues to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, as well as the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Main Image: Hip Hop N More