Tips on how to maintain your natural hair.

Although weaves are taking over on a daily basis, it is only fair to admit that one can never go wrong with a natural hairdo. But before attempting to rock that natural look, one needs to follow certain procedures to keep your natural hair strong and healthy.

Steps like:

  1. Knowing your hair type, the correct hair shampoo, conditioner and treatment products to use.


  1. Avoiding harsh detergents and ingredients.


  1. Mixing up care products can sometimes dry hair out and cause dandruff. Wash hair once a week; every other week.


  1. Always use conditioner every time you wash you hair.


  1. Try using a hot oil treatment twice a month to help in adding moisture and elasticity to the hair.


  1. When combing, comb your hair when it is wet, or damp to avoid breaking your hair which might disturb the natural growth.


  1. Use a wide-toothed comb and comb from the ends to the roots.


  1. Avoid putting too much stress on your hair; after patting it dry, let it air dry. Tight ponytail and pulling may damage the hair.


  1. When straightening your natural hair, avoid making the ceramic comb or hot iron too hot and only iron hair once a week to avoid hair breakage.

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