Tony Kgorore praised for his stellar performance on Imbewu: The Seed

Imbewu: The Seed viewers have praised veteran Mzansi actor Tony Kgorore for his acting skills. The fans of the popular show took to social media to share that they shed tears after his emotional exit from the show on Monday evening. The star, who played the character of Ngcolosi, has left Imbewu allegedly due to salary issues. Many fans were heartbroken when Ngcolosi died in hospital after being shot. It was his final episode on the telenovela.

Tony’s fans have expressed that they will miss his stellar performances on the drama series. The star also expressed that “it’s scary to play dead”. gathered that Tony was one of the fan fave on the lit show. Below are some of the reactions from the viewers. @lightning_hands commented: “Playing dead is not easy man. @TonyKgoroge uzamile baba, kodwa (you tried but) that eye sold you out.”

@MRSN_Shenge said: “Bhut’ Tony is a real legend, the exit speaks for itself!! No noise made and we are still in shock about the departure. Unexpected. Thank you for your talent.”

@missrakale “For me Tony Kgoroge is one of the best male actors in Mzansi.” @MKoenza wrote: “Am so disappointed in the producers for not keeping you man, I was looking forward to you being the majority shareholder of Maluju Oil.” @TibuyileV added: “For ever my best Actor.”

Imbewu: The Seed actor Tony Kgorore praised for emotional exit
Imbewu: The Seed actor Tony Kgorore has been praised for his emotional exit. Image: @t4tonykgorore/Instagram Source: Instagram

Main Image: Youtube