Top 6 gets mixed reviews from judges, IdolsSA

“Idols SA”‘s Top 6 contestant Yanga’s star seems to be on a rise week after week.

Her latest performance saw the 16-year-old bring judge Somizi to his feet — again — especially because he once suggested she sings a Jennifer Hudson song, and she did.

This past Sunday, the remaining Idols contestants took to the stage to perform two songs each: one from a local artist who inspired them, and the other a love jam.

Yanga chose Zahara as her idol, and after news of her performance spread, the award-winning singer shared a video on Twitter to wish the young star good luck.

Commenting on her performances,  Somizi said: “There was a time where I thought you had finished, Yanga — I was going to dissect you, marinate you and make coslow out of you. You saved me in my spirit, and I felt alive! (sic)”

“Yanga, I pray that you make it till the end of this marathon. You deserve it.”

Randall said she made it hard for him to pick his favourite performance between the two because of how soulful they both were.

Unathi, on the other hand, bragged about her fighting for her in Theatre week and now Yanga is making her proud.

“I am so proud and happy for you that you take every word, every melody, every note, every look so serious,” she said.

“I mean, I can’t get “Not Yet Uhuru” (last week’s performance) out of my mind, and now you’ve given me Zahara and Jennifer Hudson.

It’s a Yanga overload and it’s a wonderful overload,” she said.

King B, whose showstopper performance didn’t go well last week, came back to redeem himself this week with a Kelly Khumalo song, followed by Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love”.

All Somizi could utter was “magnifique”, while Randall paid him an unexpected compliment.

“I think that if you had only performed one song, I think you would still go through while the others were performing two,” he said.

Thato kicked off the show with a Ray Phiri song ‘Where Did We Go Wrong? ” followed by an  Usher love ballad.

Randall asked if there is anything he couldn’t do because, in his eyes, Thato nailed both songs.

Unathi agreed that he did well and even though Somizi ranked Thato as his least favourite for round one, his second performance converted him to the other side.

Niyaaz also made it through and sang Mikasa band’s “Jika” and Brian McKnight’s “Crazy Love”.

Somizi commended him for his smooth singing, while Unathi dubbed both performances as solid.

This week wasn’t a good week for Thando with her Thandiswa Mazwai rendition of “Nizalwa Ngobani” and Whitney Houston’s “I Believe in You and Me”.

Randall felt her performances were cabaret and that she was trying to do a whole bunch of vocal exercises that a lounge singer would do rather than a real singer.

Unathi said, “I preferred your second song than the first one. I enjoyed the emotions that you expressed with the Whitney Houston song.

“I was disappointed with your English verses on Thandiswa’s song. You cannot sing it in English with a twang because that is her whole message that we shouldn’t forget where we come from. These are not the States. I am saying this seriously.

Somizi who gave Thando a standing ovation disagreed and said all Thando did was sing it in a young and fresh version.

“I understand where Unathi is coming from but sometimes we have to allow the kids to sing how they want to sing,” he said.

Nosipho also sang a Zahara song — “Destiny” — and Beyoncé’s “Halo”.

Unathi said “Halo” was technically perfect but the emotions were not there.

Next week, one will bite the dust to only leave five to fight for that number one spot.

Performing on the Idols stages was Vusi Nova, while Xae sadly had to leave the show after receiving the least amount of votes.


Main credit image: IOL

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