Toya Delazy busy with a new genre called ‘Afro-rave’

Forget gqom or amapiano, the future of South African music is apparently Afro-rave, and Toya Delazy is the plug you need.

The star, who has topped the charts over the years with her edgy Afro-pop sound, is now living in the UK, where she has been inspired to create a whole new sound.

The Afro-rave wave hit Mzansi recently with Toya’s new single Funani and the super colourful music video that dropped with it.


Toya told reporters that the sound was born from mixing the garage underground sound from the streets of London with Zulu lyrics.

“We tailored the sound, which reflects some of my heritage and also where I am at the moment. It feels like a little print of the space I am in right now.”

The song is all about encouraging people to be what they want.

“It is about not feeling like you need to compromise. People should be free to follow their own path. Anyone can be special and anywhere can be heaven as long as you don’t look down on it.”

Toya came home to shoot the video in Tembisa to show the world a special place.

“You can say that nothing happens there but people there have dreams too, and they have achieved amazing things. Shooting it there was special. There can sometimes be a lot of negativity about townships but I wanted to put it in a different light.”

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