TRACE is balancing out the airplay across all genders

TRACE is balancing out the airplay across all genders and they have made the bold pledge to institute TRACE 50_50 video airplay for women artists and other women produced content.

Succeeding the conclusion taken by the team during Women’s Month in August, it’s been shared that the channel automatically began slotting in more female created content throughout their channels. They will also focus more on women generated shows and music content, further pushing their equal play agenda.

This new woman balanced broadcast includes programming across TRACE Africa, Urban, and Gospel.

TRACE 50_50
TRACE 50_50

The only elimination for this new balance will be the ‘Chart Shows’ and ‘Playlists’ which are ruled by public popularity, ordered by the number of gross audience impressions, computed by cross-referencing exact times of airplay with official viewer data.

“TRACE remains committed to celebrating and advancing Women in the music industry to ensure inclusion and equality for all. We are extremely excited about this movement, especially in light of Trace’s ongoing commitment to creating gender equality, Trace 50_50 just made perfect sense in balancing out airplay for women in the industry” shared channel’s Managing Director – Southern Africa & Regional Director Anglophone Africa Valentine Gaudin-Muteba.

She added: “Yes it’s an audacious move as a music channel, but we are here for it. We are here to lead the change that is so desperately needed! At TRACE we focus more on walking the talk, with the hope of paving the way until all genders have the same opportunities for airplay.”

Women empowerment has been a huge movement. We are glad to see more people take part in it.

Main Image: IDM Mag