Trevor Noah Receives Death Threats For His Interview With Bill Gates!

World-renowned SA comedian and The Daily Show’s host, Trevor Noah has opened up about getting death threats, following his interview with American billionaire, Bill Gates.

This is after News24 erroneously reported that, Bill Gates proposed to test a vaccine for Covid-19 in Africa.

Trevor Noah recently had an interview with the billionaire about the work of his foundation and plans of lending a helping hand, to help curb the pandemic of the virus in Africa.

President Cyril Ramaphosa praised Bill Gates for his efforts but many said Trevor is a sell-out, for allowing Bill Gate’s plan to test the vaccine in Africa, some even said they have a hidden agenda to kill Africans and, Africans should not agree to be vaccinated.

News24’s article triggered a debate which has since been a hot topic on everyone’s lips, but the publication issued an apology saying they made an error for reporting that Bill Gates said, he wanted to test the vaccine in Africa and those reports are not true as per their report.

Trevor Noah responded and said, that is why he has been receiving death threats for his interview with Bill Gates.

Other’s called for an investigation to be launched at News24 with regards to the story. Tweeps also reacted to the news of trevor’s death threats with mixed reactions.

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