TripAdvisor names the Seychelles’ Vallée de Mai top global attraction

The famous American online travel company TripAdvisor has named the Seychelles’ Vallée de Mai top global attraction. If you see the place, you will do the same.

The beautiful Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is a nature park and UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of a well-preserved palm forest that is home to the endemic coco de mer, along with five other palm species that are only found on the island.

It was placed in the top 10% of global attractions listed on TripAdvisor based on traveller reviews throughout 2019. In a particularly challenging year for travel and hospitality, TripAdvisor’s Chief Commercial Officer, Kanika Soni said winners of the 2020 Travellers’ Choice Awards should be proud of this distinguished recognition.

The Vallée de Mai Site Manager, Marc Jean-Baptiste was thrilled to have won the award. “This achievement reflects our team’s hard work and determination in protecting and managing this site’s outstanding universal values. It also shows the effort we are making to meet and exceed the expectations of our esteemed visitors while ensuring sustainability, as prioritised by ourselves and UNESCO,” he said.

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, best known for its beautiful beaches, colourful coral reefs, world-class diving, and outstanding nature reserves packed with rare wildlife. Home to the world’s most beautiful (and mostly empty) beaches, the tropical waters surrounding the islands are one big playground for myriad water sports, including snorkelling, diving, fishing, and kayaking.

Spread out over 115 islands, crowded beaches are few and far between, and it is easy to find that idyllic “deserted beach” you have been dreaming about. La Digue’s Anse Source d’Argent is breathtakingly beautiful and great for sunbathing and sloshing around, however, if you really want to play cast-away on a deserted beach, head to the east coast’s Petite Anse where you’ll be rewarded by a half-crescent of white sand, crystal shallows and not a single person in sight.

Often described as the most idyllic beach in the Seychelles, Anse Lazio (Praslin) is a perfect spot for swimming and snorkelling with shallow, calm waters most of the year.

The place travel destination is worth the award!


Main Image: Trayville