Tshego opens up about his previous drug addiction

We all have made past mistakes that we sometimes wish we’d forget, but what separates us from the rest is how we deal with them. RnB and hip hop singer Tshego is dealing with his past skeletons by opening up about them.

The singer revealed that he was a full-blown drug addict when he made his 2016 hit song Hennessy.

The No Ties hitmaker lifted the lid on his past mistakes, stating on Twitter how the song helped him see taking drugs didn’t no longer made sense.

In a tweet that saw social media users applauding him for his honesty, Tshego claimed that after quitting drugs, he was good friends with his demons.

Prior to his tweet, in which he opened up about being on drugs when he made his hit song, Tshego shared the importance of learning to value yourself with his followers.

Speaking about knowing his worth, the singer shared how he refused to sell the master to his first album for anything less than R6m, claiming that’s why he was still an independent artist.

Main Image: Music In Africa