Tumi Masemola apologises for mourning alive Candy Tsamandebele instead of Candy Moloi

Tumi Masemola has apologised for a Twitter blunder that trended this week after the star attached the picture of the wrong person in her post where she was mourning the late women who inspired her.

In the Tweet , the actress and singer attached images of the late veteran actress Mary Twala, renowned casting agent Moonyeenn Lee and anti-apartheid activist Zindzi Mandela who all died this year. The tweet also had a picture of actress and singer Candy Tsamandebele, who, unlike the other women mentioned, is still alive.

The tweet sent Twitter into a frenzy with many people shocked by Candy’s “death”. It was clear that Tumi had confused two actresses with the same name after news that veteran actress Candy Moloi.

The legendary actress, who was best known for her starring role as Vho-Makhadzi on the SABC2 soap opera “Muvhango”, died this week.

Taking to Twitter, Tumi apologised for her blunder and said she was embarrassed. “My sincere apologies for my grave error. I am completely embarrassed and wish I could dig a hole. Le ntshwareleng (forgive me) for posting [an] incorrect image. Candy TsamaNdebele is very much alive”, she tweeted.

Candy Tsamandebele also confirmed via her Instagram account that she was still alive and well. “I am still here, alive and well guys” she said.

Main Image: The Citizen