TV personality Moshe Ndiki buys his mom a new home

The son of the year award goes to TV personality Moshe Ndiki who just bought his mom a new home and left everyone in their feels.

Moshe took to Instagram to share a touching message to his mom, with a screenshot of the letter of registration of transfer for the house he bought.

“To mom, you gave up a whole lot in your life to be my mom, to play both roles, for me never to go to bed hungry or short of anything. You gave me your love, your constant support, and care.’

“You taught me how to be myself through your love, you sacrificed our home so I could go to art school and support my dream of being an entertainer. You did so without complaining. You did so much and still do so much for me, emotionally and otherwise.”

Moshe said he was grateful to have his mom as his pillar of strength. 

You’re my biggest supporter. You pick me up when I fall and put me back in the ring when I’ve thrown in the towel.”

He then reflected on how his mother sold her house to support his dream.

“Remember that other time when you cried after you sold your house to support my dream and try to hold a better future for ‘your one and only’ as you fondly call me?

“Yeah, this is for that time. Remember when I said to you I’d buy you a house by the beach? Yeah, this is for that time. Above all, thank you for teaching me to be a man of my word. Enjoy your new home. I love you mama wam, soze uswele not ndisesemhlabeni. I live to make you proud. From: Your one and only.”

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