Twitter buzzing after video of drunk Kabza making fun of Black Coffee surfaces

Kabza De Small better have a valid explanation for this one or else he might have to face the full wrath of DJ Black Coffee. Knowing uncle Coffee, he might send his manager to smack him like how he did with AKA, or drop a burning clapback on Twitter like he always does.

Tweeps have expressed different views following a clip of allegedly drunk Kabza making fun of 1 of Black Coffee‘s shows, and a few blame his friends who recorded the video whilst others criticize him for what he said.

Kabza De Small was caught mocking Black Coffee during a video that has now gone viral on social media.


In the video, the Amapiano king was seen imitating sounds made by the international DJ while he was working at a show.

Kabza imitated the sound and a few viewers claimed he did it in other to jest Coffee’s set, while others defended him that it had been just a traditional act.

Some fans shunned people that have an interest in starting a beef between the 2 stars.

Meanwhile, it’s worthy to notice that there’s been no record of hate or beef between Black Coffee and Kabza.

Check out the video and reactions below:

Main Image: News365