Twitter Trends: Why DBN Gogo kept it a secret that she’s Cyril Ramaphosa’s niece and Jeff Radebe’s daughter!

In South Africa, it is common for celebrities to have a relatable rags-to-riches story, but others were born into the good life. Some of these stars have had wealth in their bloodline for generations, while others were raised by seriously successful parents, like DBN Gogo for example.

Either way, DBN Gogo has used her talents to pave her own road to riches and fame.

DBN Gogo is currently trending at number one on Twitter, after many learned about her family’s background. The DJ, who is not one to brag about her family status on social media or who her parents are, left the masses shook when many learned that she is a daughter to the former minister in the presidency Jeff Radebe.

Many Twitter users took to the platform to speak about how she does not brag or post about her family quite often on social media. DBN Gogo’s mother is businesswoman Bridget-Motsepe-Radebe, who is a sister to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s wife, Dr. Tshepo Motsepe. Many social media users hailed her for not using her family’s status to gain popularity which has become a common thing to many in the industry for many who want to be famous.

Main Image: Sportscene studio