Urban Edition drops visuals for their hot single, Umkhonyovu

Local music band, Urban Edition, has dropped the visuals of their hot single ”Umkhonyovu” featuring Giv-Tin and NK and boy are we blown away.

The video is an introspective that tells an african story that relates to the youth, elders and everyone African and abroard.The name of the track, Umkhonyovu, roughly translated to misconduct in English, is a term derived from Urban Zulu.

Urban Edition is still finding their space in the blossoming modern alternative music scene and they have the online followers to show for it.

Although COVID-19 has put a full stop to live performances, Urban Edition, have shared the stage with Afrotraction, Lira and Zonke to name a few. They have also had slots on local stages such as Soweto kota festival, Miss Gauteng exclusive, Rumours lounge, Republic of 94, Joburg theatre, Antidote.

Urban Edition formally came to existence in October 2015. It was started by Israel “Eazy” Rabothata and Zama “David M” Mpongose. The two have worked together before the group was formed with other artists. Urban edition has it’s own unique style that en cooperate tribal drumming together with soulful and jazzy melodies to form a new age house music. Their music has an african feel coated with urbanised sounds hence the name Urban Edition (urban edition of African music).

You can watch the video below or stream it here.

Follow them on their social media platforms below:

Facebook page  :              https://www.facebook.com/realurbanedition

Instagram           :              https://www.instagram.com/urbanedition_tribalsoulkingz

Twitter                 :              https://twitter.com/UrbaneditionT


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