Vanessa Bryant writes a heart-breaking birthday message to Kobe Bryant

On the day that would’ve been Kobe Bryant’s 42nd birthday, Vanessa Bryant penned an emotional tribute to her late husband.

Vanessa took to her Instagram and posted a picture of her and Kobe, which was captioned: “To my baby ~ Happy birthday. I love you and miss you more than I can ever explain. I wish you and Gigi were here to celebrate YOU!”

Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna were among nine killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas on January 26, 2020 and Vanessa misses them.

“I wish I could make you your fav food or a birthday cake with my Gigi. I miss your big hugs, your kisses, your smile, your loud ass deep laugh. I miss teasing you, making you laugh and bursting your bubble. Your thoughtful gestures and the amazing way you made us all feel is extremely missed. I picture your smile and wide big welcoming hugs daily. God, I miss you both so much. Our lives feel so empty without you and Gigi. I’ve been completely broken inside. As much as I want to cry, I put a smile on my face to make our daughters days shine a little brighter. I’m not the strong one, they are. They’re strong and resilient. I’m sure you’re proud of them. They put a smile on my face every day.”

Vanessa is still in disbelief and if she could turn back the clock and change things, she would give up her life for her family.

“I wish I could wake up from this horrible nightmare. I wish I could surprise our girls and welcome you and Gigi home to us. I’m mad I didn’t go first. I always wanted to go first so that I selfishly didn’t have to feel this heartache. You were supposed to miss me. Gigi was supposed to be here with her sisters. It should’ve been me.”

On Vanessa’s 38th birthday in May, she opened a newly found letter Kobe wrote to her that was labelled “To: The Love of my Life. From, Tu Papi.”

She added: “Thank you for loving me enough to last several lifetimes. IN every lifetime I would choose YOU. Thank you for showing me what real love is. Thank YOU for everything. I know my Gigi is celebrating you like she always has on our special days. I miss my thoughtful princess so much! Natalia, Gianna, Bianka, Capri and I wish you a happy birthday my love. I love you for now, forever and always.”

Natalia Bryant, the couple’s 17-year-old daughter, also wished her dad happy birthday on Instagram.

“Happy Birthday Dad❤️ I miss your smile, laugh and big bear hugs,” Natalia wrote. “Happy Birthday to the best movie buddy I could have ever asked for. I will always remember our late-night drives to the movie theatre with the windows rolled down and listening to our favourite songs. I love you forever and always. Always, Slim.”

Nike paid tribute to Kobe Bryant Sunday with a video featuring a performance by Kendrick Lamar with the theme that Bryant taught people to “be better.” The video ends with the message “Mamba forever.”

Main Image: CTV News