Viewers turn their backs on Madam and Mercy’s show

Just when we thought viewers of the new reality show Madam and Mercy, were enjoying it, things have changed as they are already singing a different tune. The show which premiered 2 weeks ago, is centred around the glamorous lifestyle of the opulent and renowned mother and daughter duo, Madam and Mercy.

Viewers of the show have mixed reactions about it. It is no secret that some have been in awe with it, because they enjoy Madam’s personality, but some have expressed their dissatisfaction, saying they find it boring.

The viewers have also lambasted Mercy for allegedly having some diva tendencies. Yesterday they dragged her again, after she complained during their trip about not being catered for her vegan diet.

Tweeps said she is always complaining about her diet and said, she must bring a lunchbox with her preferred menu wherever she goes.

Main Image: quenchsa