WATCH| AKA attempts crowd surfing and drops flat to the ground

This has to be the worst crowd ever! Award winning rapper AKA attempted crowd surfing during a performance and fans were not ready to carry him. Instead, they let him fall flat to the ground!

The 32 year-old rapper was on an undisclosed gig where he pulled off his legendary vibey and litty performances. He is used to taking a risk of throwing himself to the crowd during stage performances – it doesn’t usually work to his favour. This time around he actually fell flat to the ground so brutally.

The crowd he was performing for literally step aside and watched him fall. He remained on the ground for a while with no one in the crowd willing to help. It was until a few men from his team came to his rescue.

While on the floor he had a mic to his mouth as if he was willing to get up and resume performance but couldn’t because he was hit hard to the concrete ground.

He hasn’t yet reached to the news of his failed crowd surfing.


Image: Youtube