WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner shows us how to mix some yummy cocktails for Valentine’s

Celebrities’ are gearing up for the much-anticipated Valentine’s day. One of them being Caitlyn Jenner, visualized some great ideas for Valentine’s – Here are some of her quick cocktail tips to add that tipsy feeling on 14 February…

Titled “At the bar with Caitlyn Jenner” Caitlyn’s new video is the latest upload on her over 65 000 subscriber YouTube channel…seemingly a bit tipsy already, Jenner undertakes the job of mixologist.

First on her list is of course the Love Potion!

A splash of concentrated blueberry syrup, mixed with chilled champagne, ice and topped with blue berries – sounds like revelry!

Caitlyn Jenner's love potion
Caitlyn Jenner’s love potion


Next she mixes up what she calls a Pink Senorita… in a shaker add a shot of tequila, a shot a grapefruit juice, ice, a splash of simple syrup, and finally top up with cranberry juice and shake!

Caitlyn Jenner’s Pink Senorita (Image source: YouTube)


The grand finale; Jenner dubbed it the strawberries and champagne margarita… starting off with just under a cup of strawberries, ¾ cup champagne, ½ cup tequila, a dash of triple sec, lastly some ice and give it a good shake (not too much though).


That’s this Jenner’s attempt at getting into the Valentine’s spirit, perhaps we should check what the other Jenners are up to!

Main Image: Page Six