WATCH | LOL! Dr Malinga to sell condoms at Durban July for R20

Dr Malinga wants to officially launch his condom range in style, when he rolls up to the Durban July next month to sell them to A-listers and wannabes for R20.

The Uyajola musician told reporters this week that he decided to debut the product at the prestigious event because he anticipated a lot of bedroom action over the weekend.

“There are many customers there. I can’t keep my customers stranded so I decided to help them out.”

He said the condoms would be sold for R20. A price said was reasonable for customers.

“Some people will say it is cheap. Others will say it is expensive. But it is a good price for the quality you get, that Dr Malinga magic. It will be that price for the weekend and we will see after that.”

Malinga, who has his own range of water and energy drinks, is talking to several stockists to sell the condoms after the Durban July.

“We are talking to shops. We want them to stock the condoms. These are not just any condoms and I know people will want to use them.”

Talking to reporters when he first announced the idea of going into the condom market, Dr Malinga said he wanted to provide protection in an industry where people tend to “forget themselves”.

“I am businessman and there’s a need for condoms. I am helping people because I realised that people need a constant reminder to protect themselves against things like HIV. I happen to be in an industry where bashes and parties are some of the popular places where people tend to ‘forget themselves’ so I am here to help them.”

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