PJ Power is back with a more mainstream sound

The singer who won our hearts over in the 1900s with her hits mash “Jabulani”. PJ Power is back but this time the powerhouse has come with a more mainstream sound.

I like how PJ has been able to take her music and make it relevant in modern times and how her brand is always adapting to modern, trendy and relevant. PJ Power also added more talents to the new single as she featured two new fresh talent Skiv & Kash on the new single called “I Got Faith”

What we have always appreciated about PJ is how she constantly helps other artists who have not broken through and shares with them her spotlight so they too can breakthrough in the music scene.

PJ discovered these two gems in Pretoria after realising they had the same reasons for expressing their talents shortly afterward they decided to collaborate together on a song and they indeed created a hit. They believe that joy stems from within and we always have a choice to access it from inside us and being grateful for the opportunities, the struggles and the enormous potential that has brought this country so far.

The video of the smash hit “I Got Faith” was carefully thought out and planned. The video is aligned to the song as it clearly displays the South African colours, places we are all familiar with in SA and also our people.

So after that, I proudly present to you the music video of “I Got Faith” – which is now live and can be shared.

We definitely need this song following the killing of women, gender-based violence and xenophobia in recent times.

Check it out.

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