Watch – The viral video of an old man dancing with a bottle on his head

”Whose father is this?” Is what came into mind when a video of an old man pulling off some Savanna drinkers’ tendencies went viral on social media.

In the post, the man was seen dancing at a party with a bottle on his head.

Some social media users seem to know him as a churchgoer but there’s one thing the fun-loving father has in him, he has charmed the South Africans.

This comes after a social media post shared by @Mraja02 whose latest offering depicts a man who is at a party and hitting the dance floor.

According to @Mraja02, he says this is his father as the caption suggests, “Guys this is my dad,” and the image has left South Africans in love and sharing their views on the picture.

Another video was shared as the proud father initiates a new dance move and is seen joined by fellow party-goers, but some are not youthful at all when taking a look at their age group.

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