[Watch] Video of Samuel L. Jackson teaching us how to curse in 15 different languages

Samuel L. Jackson is teaching us his signature move, cursing! We knew that the veteran actor could curse in English, we’ve seen him use the ”MF” in most of his movies, but did you know that he could curse in 15 languages?

The legendary actor dropped a video … teaching us how to curse in 15 different languages … after fans showed up and blew past the Voter Action Goal for the #GoodToVote campaign.

Earlier this week, SLJ solicited 2,500 fans minimum to prove their commitment to voting … by registering to vote, checking voter registration rolls, or simply making a plan to vote. And after fans came through … so did Mr. Jackson.


Samuel wastes no time showing fans how to curse in Basque, Vietnamese, Ukrainian and Swahili, among other languages. Samuel — who BTW dropped 40 “motherf*****s in “Shaft” alone — thanked fans for pledging to vote.

Jackson is so closely associated with the term “motherf****! ” that it has become his onscreen trademark—one the actor himself revels in.

Samuel L. has a long history urging people to vote. He told voters to “wake the f*** up” in 2012 in support of Barack Obama. In 2017, during a radio spot, he told fans “Remember what happened the last time people stayed home? We got stuck with Trump.”

Main Image: Vogue Man Arabia