“We are not your children”: Somizi slams Bheki Cele’s 9pm bedtime

We all know that Somizi is no pushover, and he has no filter whatsoever when it comes to telling you the truth, and this time around, the star came for Bheki Cele’s 9pm bedtime restrictions.

Taking to his Instagram account, the actor and media personality shared a video of himself prepping for his home-based New Year’s Eve celebrations. Somgaga is using a nebuliser which he says he uses every morning and every evening in the video, but he says he’s making a special effort to stay strong and healthy so he can stay up until the early hours of January the 1st.

This was in response to the statement that police minister, Bheki Cele made, saying that all South Africans should be in bed by 9pm on New Year’s Eve. “This time, there is no 31 December. There is no New Year’s Eve. There is no tin-hitting. By 21:00, we want everybody ‘ulele’. Everybody must be in bed by 21:00. It’s important to understand this,” said the minister.

Somizi slammed the minister’s address, saying “we are not your children.” The star made it clear that he is not about to be told what to do in the comfort of his home. “We shall respect the precautions and the regulations and the safety measures, but we will not go to sleep at nine in our own homes! Imagine!”

Happy new year to Somsom


Main Image: TV with Thinus