What the F-ashion sense? The worst fashion trends of the 80’s & 90’s

Can somebody please tell the 80’s and 90’s that there’s a meeting at EntertainmentSA headquarters tomorrow morning 8am SHARP! They’ve got serious explaining to do for these fashion trends that were once taken seriously!

If you lived through the 80s or 90s, you might cringe when thumbing through old photos. If you do, you might find yourself having looked highly ridiculous. And quite cringeworthy.

There were some pretty bad fashion trends in the 80s and 90s. I mean, really bad. The hair was big and so were the jeans. There were neon and tacky floral prints.
Things were pleated and there was a lot of Lycra. Mullets, at one point, reigned supreme. Some of the designs you’re about to see might make you throw up in your mouth a little bit.

Here are 50 of the worst fashion trends of the 80s and 90s:

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads were big in 80s women fashion. And they lasted into the early 90s. For some reason, women in the 80s wanted to look like football players.

Tommy Hilfiger

Everyone had Tommy Hilfiger gear in the 90s. And if you couldn’t afford it, you had knock-off Tommy Hilfiger gear. But it wasn’t subtle it had to be clothing with the brand name very apparent.

Wearing a Backpack Over One Shoulder

Round shoulders and back pain be damned. Nineties kids weren’t afraid of medical issues caused by wearing heavy backpacks. They wore their backpacks on one shoulder, regardless, because it was cool.

Giant Jeans

Jeans were enormous in the 90s. To the point where you could fit another person in them. They were super duper wide legs. Brands like JNCO were really popular with the skater kids

Platform Shoes

People wanted some height in the 90s. So, they put platforms on their shoes. Boots, sneakers, Mary Janes, heels. They platformed all the shoes in the 90s.

DIY Jeans

Your jeans couldn’t be boring in the 90s. People, especially, girls would often add DIY embellishments. You could add embroidered patches to your jeans or even inserts that would turn your regular jeans into bell bottoms.

Short Sleeves Over Long Sleeves

People in the 90s wore both short and long sleeved shirts… at the same time. It didn’t really make sense. But people seemed to think it looked cool.



People must have sweat a lot in the 80s. Because they all wore sweatbands on their heads. And sometimes on their wrists. Even when they weren’t working out.

Fanny Packs

Parents didn’t have time to hold big giant shoulder bags while toting their kids around. They were smart enough to wear fanny packs. They looked horrific but were extrodinarly practical.

Main Image: Rest Era