Why Gomora’s Mam’Sonto is the baddest gangster on local TV right now at 68 years old

Who would’ve thought that the boring Mam’kete from Rhythm City would turn into the country’s baddest gangster on TV? We guess it is all about the environment one is in. Veteran actress Connie Chiume has definitely found an environment that channels her inner acting skills.

Her role as Mam’Sonto on Gomora has been well received by the viewers, who live to see what the shebeen queen/crime boss is up to.

Gomora’s Mam'Sonto Is The Best

Mam’Sonto even makes the act of eating an apple look scary, she can smile at you, before pulling out a knife on you.

Sonto is not afraid to get her hands dirty.

For what seemed like the longest while, TV has been awash with patriarchal figures doing the most, getting the challenging roles and getting to be the resident baddies.

Most female baddies on TV always have a femme fatal element to them, use se.x or the promise of se. x to get the hatchet job done.

Those roles are usually given to younger and sometimes thinner women, n which has really become an eye-roll.

Mam’Sonto ain’t about that life though

The fact that she’s the last character you would expect to be a gangster at that age and being female, makes it more interesting.

Sonto doesn’t go through mental breakdowns once she gets a gun in her hand.

She’s ice cold and she doesn’t hesitate to use it when the event calls for it.

There is a tendency to throw love interests at strong female characters to mellow them down, it’s like TV writers sometimes forget women don’t need love interests to show their softer and nurturing side.

We’re glad Gomora writers didn’t decide to go down this route with Sonto, that would have pretty much sucked,  I mean, it wouldn’t bode well for the character to go through dubious love triangles or pining for a man and forget to count her bills.

Main Image: QuenchSA