Wuuu xem: This fan probably wishes they’d never criticized Somizi’s ‘’Engrish.’’

Let’s be honest guys, it takes a person with an extra liver to criticize SomGaga and expect to get away with it. Wuuu xem, Somizi is a breathing oven, he will definitely roast you like a hen!

The reality show star and Idols South Africa judge Somizi Mhlongo is hosting the upcoming red carpet for the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, as much as this is great news there are a few people who always try to find something to ‘attack’ celebrities about.

Like a fan who after hearing that Somizi is hosting the red carpet took a swipe at Somizi saying; “The date is too close. When will he find the time to rehearse all those lines in proper English!”.

After he saw the tweet Somizi in true style didn’t let the fan go, instead he ‘shut’ the fan up with the tweet below;

#HIDES, we are not laughing…

Picture credit: All4Women

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