Yandy Smith’s beauty Skincare, Yelle, started booming in 2020

The “Love & Hip Hop” star, Yandy Smith’s beauty Skincare line, Yelle started booming in 2020 and sis is currently securing that bag.

As much as the COVID-19 pandemic has paused production on the reality show that Yandy stars on, she told Page Six Style that she thanks God that her business really took off. “Even though the show stopped shooting, my skincare line [is actually doing] better than before” – the 38-year-old said.

The entrepreneur and reality star launched her line of plant-based products “exclusively for melanin-rich skin” in 2017. “I’m not into makeup at all, so I like to make sure the canvas is beautiful so I don’t have to put a lot on,” she explained of her beauty approach, adding that she rotates between products from The Mane Choice, Curls and Camille Rose to keep her hair looking its best.

“Love & Hip Hop” provides its cast with makeup but not hair or wardrobe so Yandy supplies those on her own — at a steep cost. “My stylist gets paid $3,000 a month,” she revealed. “And my hair person is on salary now because I have to use him every day while I’m shooting. I was never into hair and makeup before I got on TV.”

Yandy said she is a mix between class, business and ratchet for her personal style. “You might get a little ratchet when we have a club scene. Occasionally you might get a suit, or you might get a Champion sweatsuit, or you might just get a great ‘freak ’em’ dress with six-inch heels.”

“Love & Hip Hop: Secrets Unlocked” premieres Jan 4.


Main Image: Love & Hip Hop Wiki