Zahara signs South Africa’s first concert residency at a Casino Chain

Okay, we are aware that we walk amongst legends, and now singing sensation Zahara was the pioneer of SA’s new culture of casino concert residencies as she signed a residency deal with Emperors Palace Hotel Casino Convention and Entertainment Resort.

According to Move!, the residency means she will tour all the branches of the Emperors Palace around the country. She said she is excited as she is the first artist to do this, and it came about when Emperors Palace contact her.

Zahara’s manager, Oyama Dyosiba echoed her excitement and said, ‘Zahara is growing as an artist and she appeals to everyone from young kids to gogos.’

The award-winning Afro-pop singer has said that the contract will be for a period of five years which will begin in 2020. There will be a calendar drafted in where one could see where and when she will perform.

This is an exciting new venture for both the artist and her fans!

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