Zenande Mfenyana trends for not welcoming pregnancy advice

Zenande Mfenyane found herself on the wrong side of Black Twitter following a series of derogatory remarks she threw on a woman who commented about her pregnancy looks.

Tweeps were torn in between and her aggressive clap-back received mixed reactions. Some thought it was rude while others said it was a “a well-deserved tsek”.

Zenande posted a picture of herself with no make-up, showing off some clothes and accessories for her unborn baby. A follower then DMed her to give her unsolicited advice about how to handle looking ‘not so pretty’  while pregnant.

The heartfelt and well-meaning message was meant to reassure Zenande about pregnancy insecurities but unfortunately the actress did not see it that way. She slammed the forward woman and told her that her advice was not welcome. “I never said I’m not embracing my pregnancy. Please keep your opinion to yourself next time.”

Actress Zenande Mfenyana wishes To Her Coming Baby " God Causes ...

Social media users had mixed reactions about her response. While some thought the woman’s advise was shady and unnecessary, others thought Zenande was rude to respond in that way. Twitter user 2019AFRICA said: “Zenande’s response in my opinion was wrong, I feel she could’ve handled it better, and they are women who are actually supporting what she said but cry about women not supporting each other.”

Phislash said: “Zenande was pissed off by that ‘After the baby arrives, you’ll go back to normal again’. How would you respond kindly to someone that thinks you’re abnormal?”

UmalambaneZN said: “Zenande was right, imagine someone looking at you, finding fault in your looks, assuming you having issues coping, then coming to comfort you for the way you look. Unprovoked! A tsek well-deserved.”

Main Image: TshisaLive